I have always escaped the stresses of the workplace by going for long walks in the countryside or watching wildlife ( or both together ).  After a while it seemed logical to take a camera with me to capture special moments.  As more time went on the photography started to be an escape in its own right.

Part of the reason for taking photographs is to share the special moment with others , and that is one of the purposes of this website. However, the main purpose is to try and raise some money for charity.  Prints and digital copies are available in return for a donation to Wiltshire Air Ambulance.  Please see details on the main menu bar. Even if you don’t want a print or copy, please think about making a donation in any event.

Thank you for visiting this site.

Andrew Wiltshire

Portrait of the Artist  2I am a dog person and Maisie and Lola are nearly always with me on my photographic trips.  Here they are waiting patiently as I compose a picture up on the North York Moors.