Prints and Digital copies

All images on Countryside Photography are available to order as prints or as high resolution digital copies ( downloading from the site will produce a very poor quality print ).
The system is quite simple, agree what you want with me,  make a donation to Wiltshire Air Ambulance ( through the”Donations” page on ) for whatever sum you feel is appropriate and I will provide you with what we have agreed.  I will however only provide prints to people in the UK because of postage issues sending prints abroad. I have supplied digital copies to quite a few people abroad and they have arranged for their printing locally.  Digital copies can be used by you to print cards, calendars,  jigsaws or whatever.
My experience is that people have been generous when no fee is specified, but by way of guidelines I would expect no less than £15 for an A4 print or digital copy and £25 for an A3 print.
If you want anything just e-mail me on