Never trust the weather forecast

The weather forecast was quite clear – torrential rain with heavy cloud cover and gale force winds.  However the dogs needed a walk and I thought I might as well take my camera equipment with me just in case.  I climbed up the eastern flank of  Black hill from Crasswell which is a fairly steep upwards haul of about 300 m.  There was no wind and a light drizzle as I climbed, but as I reached the top of the slope and climbed onto the top ridge, the westerly wind hit me.  I could hardly stand up, so that part of the weather forecast was right.  It was also raining, but what I could see over the Black Mountains were small breaks in the cloud cover with shafts of sunlight racing across the ground.  If one of those shafts would hit the ridge known as Cat’s Back to my left, then I might have a worthwhile picture.  So with considerable difficulty I set up my tripod, mounted the camera, huddled in the rain and waited.  I was in luck,  a shaft of bright sunlight hit the ridge,  so off came the lenscap,  remote shutter release pressed and I had a picture.  Had I relied on the forecast I would not have taken the camera, as it is I have what I think is quite a dramatic image of one of my very favourite places.

Cat's Back, Black Hill.
Cat’s Back, Black Hill.